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" I learn, think and develop. "


MOVIS robot maintenance

The more breadth of knowledge in one system,the harder it to maintenance by only one person.
This MOVIS robot has to migrate from ubuntu14 to ubuntu16. So it comes with many bugs that I have to fix.

I also add and change some hardware to improve its performance. Lastly, this project ends up with a simple navigation demo for evaluation.

Waiter robot demo

Most of the robot has to pre-program and fine-tune for using in real environments such as shop or cafe.
This project proposes the way to use
a robot generally without much

Computer Vision and Robot Navigation are required to integrate with the proposed machine learning method.
I develop these architectures including collect experiment result


As a system integrator.
These are the main skills that making me the way I am.

Machine Learning

Robot Operating


Computer Vision

Software Development

Network and Communication


Tanyatep Tothong

Tel. +66 876262575

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